Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quick Vote

Okay, my hair appointment is Thursday, so hurry up with the voting.


Medium? By the way, I'm pregnant in this picture, thus, chubby cheeks.

Long? Well, as long as my hair gets, dangit!

You are welcome to add other opinions too, like color, bangs, etc.


bethany said...

I would usually say "short" because I am a huge fan of the short hair, but since you have two little ones and short hair is a little harder to maintain (can't put in a quick pony tail)-I'm going to go with medium. And bangs would be fun, but I can never get my bangs right so I wouldn't listen to me about that part.
I'm sure whatever you decide-it will be cute!!

stephanie said...

medium. it's stylish and easy.

Katie Brown said...

lucky for you, you look good all three styles. i think medium is fun.

Holly said...

i think you should get a perm.

Jodie said...

I like short and bangs (go figure). But bangs can be a commitment. And I like light/blonde for the summer. I, however, will not be going for it this summer. :)

Casey said...

I vote for medium, Ditto what Stephanie said.