Sunday, April 01, 2012


Blake is 6 weeks old now.  Our family of four is officially a family of five.  He has been a calm, peaceful baby, despite what Annie may think (two seconds after he starts crying, Annie will say, "Why is he always crying?  I don't like it when he cries.").  But I've noticed something this past week.  He is calm and peaceful...until he is not.  I believe we have hit the fussy stage.  My "to-do" list that was already quite lengthy (I swear I will finish writing my thank you notes before he's sitting up on his own) is growing hourly.  So if you come over to my house any time soon, please excuse the crumbs on the floor, the markers and art paraphernelia strewn across my kitchen table, and the preschool papers and spelling tests piling up on my counters.  I've been holding my baby, and that's just as it should be.