Thursday, May 31, 2012


It was a goal of mine this week to post on my blogs, so here I am!  Here are a few happenings around these parts:

I've been baking a lot lately (well, a lot for me).  My mom got a new Kitchen Aid mixer, so guess who got her old one?  Oh my goodness, I have been missing out all these years.  I was using my Mom's old Bosch that she received for her wedding (pretty amazing that it's still going strong), and although it worked just fine, the Kitchen Aid kicks its trash any day of the week.  Don't know if that's a good thing for my weight loss goals though!  But these muffins I made are healthy and wholesome, so I feel good about that. :)  The chocolate toffee cookies I made the day before these muffins, however, are not.

Annie wants to grow out her hair "like Natalie's".  Poor Annie was blessed with my fine, slow-growing locks, so maybe by her baptism her hair will be as long as her sister's.  I did manage to french braid it for church the other day.  That's progress!

This is my new go-to hair style.  It is the "I really don't want to blow dry my hair, but I want to look like I actually made an effort" do.  I actually came across this hairstyle in a bridal magazine when I was a young, engaged girly and planning my perfect day.  It was labeled as a "honeymoon" up do for a day at the beach.  Just twist half of your hair, pin in place, then twist the other half.  I'm not sure  it looks as good as I think it does, but I like it, so there!

Blake's 3-month shot.  I know I'm his mom, and a bit biased, but he really coudn't be any cuter/sweeter.  Love my little guy!

My Dad will be watching the girls this weekend!  I am going with my Mom, Blake, and sister-in-law to the desert while James is on a flight to Brazil!!  James will be in Brazil for 10 days, so my Mom thought I needed a little R & R to kick off my single parenthood.  And once we get there, after Blake screams in the car protesting his dreaded carseat, I will get some of that R & R.