Monday, May 31, 2010

Covent Garden/St. Paul's Walk

You thought I was done with the England posts? Nope, just took a little break, still have a few more, so just sit back and enjoy...

So if you've been to London before, chances are you've been to Covent Garden market, it's a great place to visit, it kind of reminds me of 3rd Street Promenade, British style. This walk took us to the market, but then showed us the area surrounding, which ended up being quite interesting.

Here is a playground just around the corner from the market. Looks pretty normal, but it's built over a graveyard (the sign tells you all about it), so that makes it a bit more out of the ordinary. Just one of the many sinister spots in this great city.

After going through the Somerset House, the walk took us to this alley, we thought we were maybe going the wrong way...

...but lo and behold, a Roman Bath tucked in near the dead end. I'm glad we didn't get mugged while traipsing up this sketchy place.

And if you bend over, and look through the foggy window, you can catch a glimpse of the Roman bath that was found in this basement sometime in the 1800's, and has been called that ever since, although it's not for certain that it is, in fact, Roman.

Along the Thames, there is a monument called Cleopatra's Needle, it is the oldest monument in London, dating from about 1450 B.C. Sphinxes flank each side of the needle, and here, I'm pointing at the shrapnel that hit the statues during World War I, still there for all to see. I am still amazed at how much of this city was destroyed by bombing in the World Wars, sad, really.

This is the Water Gate in the Enbankment Gardens. The Embankment was constructed around 1870 and just to give you an idea of how much work was put into building the Embankment, the banks of the Thames used to lap up to these steps, where the Archbishop of York used to live. The Thames now runs about 100 yards from the gate.

Lunch at Strada, I put this picture in to give you an idea of the view: the front of St. Paul's Cathedral.

St. Paul's, the last time I was here, I was watching the Lord Mayors parade where they break out a really cool golden coach that the Lord Mayor rides in.

Trafalgar Square, surprisingly very busy for the middle of March

Me and the hubby

This street was a bunch of booksellers, selling old books. Pretty cool, I'm sure my Dad would have loved to browse through these shops. Just a little street tucked into the hustling bustling St. Paul's area.

This street survives from the 1700's, you can tell from the bowed glass in the downstairs windows. So friggin' cool!

Who knows what this street looked like 300 years ago, I would love to know...

And finally, Benjamin Franklin's house. He lived here for much of his later years, and it's the only residence of his that is still standing. They did an awesome job of restoring the house, much of the original features are still in existence. And I learned this interesting tidbit: if you want to tell which structures are reproductions and which ones aren't in London, look at the brick on the outside. The buildings with darker brick (probably from pollution), are the originals. You can see a reproduction building to the left of Ben Franklin's house in this picture.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Grandma Sue took all the cousins to Build-a-Bear while on our trip to Utah. Natalie and Annie loved every second! We had such a great time, and now have a bear named "Sparkle" and a horse named "Shiny". Natalie told me she never wanted to leave Utah, I told her she wouldn't be able to go to Disneyland whenever she wanted if she lived in Utah. :)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

We had fun...

Hanging with these dear friends in Utah (even though it was FREEZING...what?) a couple weeks back. Pictures courtesy of Natalie. We miss you, Kelley!



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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

House of Blues

For my 30th (sob) birthday present, James presented me with tickets to go see Ben Folds at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. We went Friday night, and it was AWESOME! I loved it, thanks for the superb present, hubby. It's a pretty small venue and we stood just right above the pit, and I had the good fortune of standing behind a girl that was probably 4'11", yes! So there was no tippy toes or looking around people's heads or anything the WHOLE concert (a first!). I recall several years back going to a John Mayer concert (at the Greek, love that place) and seeing a clear view of the stage, that is, until a guy with a ginormous fro sat exactly right in front of me, blocking the entire stage. Such a bummer. Anyway, Ben was great, as usual, it's always a good show with him. The opening act was very entertaining as well: Kate Miller Heinke, she was pretty good, I definitely thought she brought an interesting flare to her performance.

And in case you wanted an extreme close up of James and I, here you go!

I have to say, there was one depressing part of the evening: in line to get into the show, a girl was coming around looking at id's. I forgot mine in the car and was about to say so, when she slapped an over 21 band on my wrist without even asking for my id!! Do I really look so old that I don't even need to be id'd? I guess so! I might add that she was checking everyones id before and after us, I was seriously bummed about that.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Angels Game

We took the family to the Angels game the other night, it was quite the night! We decided it's something to do about once a season or every other season...

As you can see, everyone looks very excited to be there, especially Paige who is playing on the iPhone.

Of course, the girls (and James and I) stuffed their faces with some of the unhealthiest foods this planet has to offer!

The hubby and me

Our little angel fans

Gotta love seventh inning stretch