Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am following Katie's format of writing in bullets, because I too, am really tired.

*Annette is really sick right now, it is so awful hearing your three month old cough and struggle to breathe, I brought her to the doctor, and there is not much you can do except wait it out.
*Natalie gave Annette what she had, I think, she's had it a lot longer, but when I took her with me to Annette's appointment the doctor informed me after unofficially looking in her ears, that she had two ear infections and liquid in both ears.
*I am running on fumes...three or four nights of very little sleep, probably because I have a baby who can't breathe very well.
*I don't know why I'm posting all this, I think I just need an outlet, I'm a little stressed right now.
*I don't think I'm as good at bullet writing as Katie is.
*That is all for now!


Lexie said...

I feel your pain! I am so sorry both your girls are sick. Mine just got over the same thing. Macie was the one with ear infections, and both were coughing and very sick! I hope they get well very soon and that you can get some rest.

Audra Bollard said...

Survival technique #1 for sick kids: buy a new video for Natalie and don't feel guilty for a second if you all watch it all day long so maybe (if you are lucky) you can get a little rest . . . sick kids are the worst for everyone involved!

Hope they feel better soon and then we will re-schedule our get-together.

Katie Brown said...

hey, you are great at bullets. my kids are sick too and i am praying izzy doesn't get it. did the doctor say anything about doing breathing treatments with a nebulizer for annie? it is so hard keeping sick toddlers away from babies. i finally let izzy scream it out the last two nights because i was so tired i couldn't see straight, but she's older. i'm with audra with the put on a new movie for natalie and nap while annie's napping during the day. otherwise, ask your mom to come over to watch the girls so you can nap. or something!!!

bethany said...

that's horrid liss-I hope that you had a better night last night. i'm all for natalie watching tv!! :)

Kelley said...

M--I hope I can take Natalie tomorrow afternoon. Plan on it, OK? I'm sorry we weren't around on Wed.--I would have LOVED to have taken N to the park. I'll call you.

John, Jodie, Stila, & Alexa said...

Sounds like us two weeks ago- Stila with a cold and an ear infection and Alexa with something called bronchiolitis (sp). Have hope- one week of antibiotics and inhalers for each girl and we're healthy (for now). Stila got everyone sick at our house, too. Nursery..grrr!

The Petersons said...

Hey look I found you!!! Lunch was so fun! Let's get together soon!

Holly said...

sounds like you need to unwind by watching last sunday's episode of the amazing race. it was by far one of the best episodes i have ever seen.