Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three's A Charm

Our sweet Annie turned three yesterday. I have pretty much been thinking of her as a three year old for the last 6 months, mainly because of her height and vocabulary. But now it's official! We are so glad that Annie is a part of our family, we love her so much!

She's one of a kind, our Ann girl. Her favorite color is red, she is going through a Barney phase right now, she's a champion whiner, loves to pretend, loves her sister (except when she's being teased by her),

loves nursery and preschool, loves jam sandwiches (just jam!), chocolate (like her daddy), does some great donkey kicks but still can't do a somersault by herself, loves to paint with watercolors, is scared to go anywhere by herself, sings in the car, and makes us laugh every day...multiple times.


John and Jenny said...

Tell little Annie happy birthday! I thought when I saw the title to the post that you were announcing another little one! Hope you are well.

Kelley said...

M--What a sweet gal. Can't believe Annie is 3. And I love your new blog layout. And your haircut is tres chic.

Barb/Mom/Grandma Barbie said...

Annie is quite the girl. Definitely a free spirit!! What a sweetheart.

Laura Lee Winchester said...

Happy Birthday Annie!=)