Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 2 - Westminster Walk

We started off Day 2 going to Leicester (pronounced Lester) Square to get half price theater tickets for "Oliver".

Just outside Leicester Square Tube station, pretty busy intersection.

You've gotta love London's underground system, go anywhere you want in the city, and who knows what interesting person you'll be sitting/standing next to each time

A walk past Westminster Abbey, we didn't actually go inside this time, but thought it warranted a couple pictures!

I had a book that took us on "walks of London" and it took us to some beautiful neighborhoods right next to the Houses of Parliament, and pointed out this sign, it was a bomb shelter during WW II. James and I couldn't believe how many things we discovered were destroyed by German bombs in London, it's quite astonishing really.

Jewel Tower, kind of hidden across the street from the Houses of Parliament, but very cool. Built in 1365 to house the King's wardrobe, must have been quite the wardrobe!

The moat and quay that protected the tower still remain

And at the end of our walk we passed through Horse Guards Arch and were right on time (to the minute) to see the Horse Guards come out and do their thing. We stayed for a couple minutes, and then were on our way again.


Clarkes said...

I love all this! I'm living vicariously!

James said...

Liss, you know you enjoyed the woman on the Tube who went PSYCHO.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I am so enjoying your posts. I've been missing the freedom and excitement of traveling abroad. Not in the budget this year, so your pictures and posts bring back some fun memories and have helped to ease that traveling itch. Love hearing about your adventures. Can't wait to see more. :)