Monday, March 01, 2010

City of Angels

James and I went up to L.A. this weekend to have lunch with my dear friend, Brittany, and her husband, Steve. We decided to meet up with the girls and my parents later at the Grove and LACMA. What a fun day! I hope we get to go again soon, there is so much to see and do up there.

LACMA, Urban Light Sculpture

Me and Britt. Doesn't she look great, she's almost 8 months pregnant!?!

The Grove

Johnny Rockets


Holly said...

I thought James' FB comment was just some good ol' Rooney lyrics, but now I see there was something else behind them.

Callie said...

that is acool place with all the pillars, where is that? she does look great! you cut of her belly! when is she due?

doublej said...

It was fun visiting your blog today! You are so consistent with your posting. Looks like you had a fun day in LA-I'd love an outing like that. I found the "Green Monster Shake" entry.