Friday, May 29, 2009

Typical Conversation Between Nat and Ann

Natalie: Annie, say "leap"

Annie: Buckle!

Natalie: No, Annie, say "leap"

Annie: Mommy! Daddy, Daddy.

Natalie: No! Annie, say "leap"

Annie: Buckle!

Natalie: NOOOO! Annie, say LEAP

Annie: Leaf

Natalie: Now say "frog"

Annie: Fwog

Natalie: Mommy, Annie just said "leap frog".


Clarkes said...

thanks for a good laugh tonight!

Holly said...

i love it. having two girls is so much fun, especially when they start playing and interacting. the fighting? not so much.

we are excited to see you all so soon!

Sara said...


Kelley said...

Ha! Hahahahaha! Nat, you are a smart girl.