Friday, May 15, 2009

Flower Fields '09

Down by the Carlsbad outlets are the flower fields, and April and May are the perfect months to go visit, which is when the flowers are in bloom. My mom, sister-in-law Amy, and I took the girls down last month and had a great time! Of course there are great photo opportunities everywhere, except for the stupid yellow caution tape!! What the? Really! There's also a cute playground there, a rose garden, and a bird garden. Then we had lunch at Islands afterward, a great way to spend the morning!

You can see the caution tape in these pictures a little. This is Lizzie, my little niece, she looks exactly like my brother Jeff, but female.

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KatieB said...

cute pics. hey, i'm coming out there for my sister's wedding soon. let's plan some get togethers!

Holly said...

that is so pretty! i think my sister was also just there taking pictures.