Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter '09

We had a nice Easter, how about you?

Our Ward Easter Egg Hunt, of course Natalie had to wear her crown, and Annie had a hard time figuring out what exactly these eggs were doing just lying around.

Easter morning. And the crown makes another appearance.

And all dressed up. Natalie had the crown on before we went out the door, her mean mommy made her take it off. Did I mention today was Annie's first day of nursery! Hallelujah!


stephanie said...

you all look so springy. beautiful.

(stella goes to nursery next month. we can't wait.)

bethany said...

You look so good Liss!! Love that Natalie wants to wear a crown all the time :)

Sara said...

Cute Easter dresses! I love Annie's pink bow she wore at the Easter egg hunt. Congrats on nursery!

John and Jenny said...

Melissa you look wonderful. Your girls are also darling. I bet you are loving the spring is still blowing me away that I am headed towards winter! Love your blog.

Kelley said...

I love that Nat is STILL wearing the Minnie dress. And I love your little springy yellow jacket, M.