Sunday, April 26, 2009

Discovery Science Museum

On our last trip to Utah, we took an afternoon and headed over to the Discovery Science Museum in the Gateway. I totally recommend it if you live in Utah or are on a visit there. It had some really fun things for the girls, and it kept them entertained for quite awhile. It was a great activity for the girls and their cousins to do together.

A life-size helicopter, I imagine little boys would absolutely love this.

A cool xylophone, with sheet music to teach kids how to play a song. Not that Annie really understood that.

Annie and her cousin, Katelyn couldn't get enough of this water fountain the kids could play in.

They had a whole section on how food gets from the farm to the grocery store. Complete with dress-ups.

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bethany said...

Thanks for posting about the museum-I've wondered about it every time we go up there, but wasn't sure if it would be worth the drive. We'll hit it up on our next trip!!