Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas Day

Yes, I know I have been a horrible blogger as of late. We had a great Christmas, it was so relaxing and it was nice to have the whole family around. And now the Christmas tree is down, Natalie is back in school, and we finally have a walker (yay Annie). It always comes and goes so fast.


Holly said...

those are the cutest jammies. and i cannot believe how much older annie looks. i guess it's because she is that much older since coronado!

Jodie said...

Haha, those pics are AWESOME. I love Annie's smile in the first. And that one of Nat.. what can I say- I think you have a diva on your hands.

Kelley said...

Annie, way to go! M, after 14 months of holding, I bet you have crazy strong arms!