Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry Nat

I was just noticing I haven't posted any pictures of the Nat girl lately. It's all about Annie. Annie, Annie, Annie! So here are some cute pics of our dear girl:

Check out those eyelashes!

This is a classic Natalie face.


Holly said...

i wasn't going to say anything, but i did notice a pattern. there was even a post about james and the last time i checked he was not natalie or annie and his mommy is not melissa.

Corey said...

Well, it was more like Annie, Annie, Annie, James, Annie! Glad to see Nat was let back into your good graces. She's a cutie.

Sara said...

You're a good Mom to make sure everything is fair! I'll have to check my blog to see who is getting left out!

The Smallwood Family said...

Your girls are darling!