Friday, August 22, 2008


So I've often read people's posts who say "I've been tagged." And then asked myself, "How come no one ever tags me (sniff)?" Well, thank you Erin, for thinking of little old me. Note: this is not an invitation for everyone and their dog to now tag me.

Here goes.

Three Joys:
1. Annie's Fluffy hair
2. Getting hugs from my kids and hubby.
3. Going out to dinner, preferably without the kids.

Three Fears:
1. My girls waking up too early from their nap/sleep.
2. Natalie hitting her face...again. Please let my child not scar her beautiful face because she happens to fall on hard things, A LOT.
3. Being bored.

Three Obsessions/Collections:
1. Ben Folds
2. blog hopping
3. keeping my mind/hands busy at all times.

Three Surprising Facts:
1. I used to watch "Lizzie McGuire" because I actually liked it.
2. Going to bed at 11pm is a late night for me.
3. I hardly had any pain when I gave birth to Annette. Even before the epidural.

Now I get to tag, hmmm...I tag Sara C., Natalie D., and Kathryn O.


doublej said...

These are fun to read. I enjoy these because you learn so much about a person. I need to follow your 11 p.m. late night schedule.

Ry and Annalyn said...

hey love the posts! We want to hang out when we come down for Jessies wedding.

Laura said...

Hardly any pain giving birth?? wow... I can only hope for that! :)

I loved reading your tag. So cute.