Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here are a few things I've been up to lately...just for kicks.

Piecing together this quilt:

Trying to declutter this:

Going to one of my favorite stores (the Container Store) and buying cool things that organize my crazy pantry. Who woulda thunk? Baskets with pull out handles...

Making this for a friend:

Here's the inside:

In a post a little while back I posted fabrics I used to make my sister-in-law a birthday present, I made her a zippered pouch like this one. Just honing up those sewing skills.


bethany said...

LOVE that quilt!! That's one thing that I want to learn how to do better-I've only made one and it was VERY basic. Maybe if I had enough energy to even clean my house I'd get around to it.....until then.
The pouch is really cute too-I made one like it for my mom's Christmas present. She uses it to organize her purse (speaking of organizing things).

Sara said...

I am so impressed Melissa! Shopping with your mom at quilting stores this weekend got me all excited to start some sewing projects. I have to get going before the baby comes!

Katie said...

Melissa, I wish that I lived closer to you... then maybe you could teach me your (1) mad sewing skills, and (2) your time management skills. I only have one child, and I don't get half as much done as you do with two!!!

Natalie said...

You are amazing Melissa! Is everything you do this cute?

Holly said...

love the quilt and the little purse. consider your skills honed.

and i totally can empathize with your need to de-clutter the island. it's like a magnet for junk in my house!

Heather said...

I need to go to the Container Store more regularly! My house is so unorganized and it's starting to make me crazy!
All your accomplishments are impressive with two little kids. You ROCK!