Monday, February 25, 2008

Note to Self

In theory, boy leg swimsuits with a halter top are a great idea. They cover a little more leg, have a kind of retro thing going on, they have a cute tie around the neck, they look great on this skinny model...

Reality: they accentuate the tummy area (not cute), they make you look 5 years older than you really are unless you're a size zero (again, not cute), the tie at the neck digs into you causing you to bow your head (probably because you HAVE to tie it tight enough so it holds everything up).



Annie said...

Oh come on, you could definitely rock that. You look cute in everything.

Stephanie said...

so i was totally picturing myself in the suit you described and let me tell you something, the picture was not pretty. i am dreading swim suit season.

The Petersons said...

A) You could def pull it off Melissa!
B) But I'd still have to agree with you on all counts
C) Have you checked out Cute bathing suits and modest too! Waiting for the weather to heat up so we can take the kiddos swimming!!!! :-)