Friday, April 20, 2007

Three Things Natalie Loves

The pool. She is going to LOVE summer.

Her Grandpa. It took a few months (about 10), but now Grandpa and her get along just wonderfully.

Lemons. Grandpa will take Natalie to pick lemons in the backyard. Take pleasure in the little things =)


bethany said...

What a cute dress! Was that her Easter dress? I love that you are updating your blog more often :)

Sara said...

Those pictures make me really miss you and the rest of the family! I can't wait to swim in that pool.

Katie Brown said...

rylee didn't like my dad forever either. but they are great friends now. and i have a hard time thinking of things to blog besides stuff about my kids too. and don't think that we don't like looking at and learning about natalie, because we do!

Holly said...

she is so cute.

inez had no trouble with any men in our family, or any strange ones either. scary. we'll keep a close eye on her. but it's funny how each little one is so different.

Annie said...

Kids are funny - May doesn't care for women. She'll reach out for any man she sees for them to hold her.

I love that Natalie likes lemons!

Kelley said...

So I saw the pic of NJW in the tub with BRADEN on Shannon's blog...she's a busy little lady! Grant would be devastated if he found out (he thinks he and Nat are exclusive), so let's not tell him. :)