Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Teletubby American Idol

So I was telling Melissa a couple weeks back that American Idol Phil Stacey really looks like the sun baby on Teletubbies. (By the way, who else can't stand Teletubbies? Melissa thinks I'm a little too hostile towards what is supposed to be a simple children's television show but I really have a strong dislike for this inane creation. Sorry, Natalie, it's true. I'll still watch it with you though because I love you to pieces.)

OK, back to the point. I feel there is a strong resemblance between sun baby and Phil Stacey - especially when the baby makes that creepy laugh and gets a little cross-eyed.

Now, here comes the interesting part. As I'm getting photos off the web to create this post, I find that America has a different opinon on Phil Stacey's look-a-like. None other than our good friend, Nosferatu. (For those who haven't seen Nosferatu, I encourage you to rent and enjoy this fine piece of cinema. Dave, you would back me up on that, right?)

While sun baby and Phil Stacey will always remain inseparably connected in my mind, I must admit that Nosferatu somehow rose from the dead and tried out for American Idol this season.


Dave said...

Everyone needs to see Nosferatu before they die. It's that good.

James, I don't really see the sun baby resemblance. I can kind of see where people are getting Nosferatu, but, to me, that Phil guy is a dead ringer for the Bicycle Thief.


This concludes The Joke That Only James White Will Get.

James said...

Where's Matt Gardner when you need him?

Bicycle Thief...another film not to be missed. Just don't take a first date to see it - bad idea, really bad idea.

Holly said...

Can you believe that after almost five years of marriage, Dave and I still have not watched either one of those movies together? I feel ripped off.

By the way, he used The Bicycle Theif as an answer when we played Facts In Five the other night.

And yes, where is Matt Gardner? If he's still in your neck of the woods you guys should get him on the team for the mud run.

James said...

Holly, you probably should consider that a blessing in disguise. =)

Great idea for the mud run...he is around for now but I'm not sure about October. I'll email him...

Anonymous said...
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