Monday, February 06, 2006

Natalie Loves Being Held

Natalie just loves for me to hold her (I guess this is not a unique trait for a baby). It's amazing what you can do with one hand, I never thought of all the possibilities. Here are a few things I never would have guessed you can do while holding a baby:
make the bed
brush your teeth
load laundry
sort socks
bag vegetables at the grocery store
write brief emails
feed the fish, Beto Chavez
open/close blinds (who would've thought?)
shop at Costco (this was tricky, I just did it on Saturday, I used Natalie's stroller as a shopping cart and actually fit quite a lot, they even loaded her stroller as if it were a shopping cart, so cool!)
get the mail (one of our favorite excursions of the day)
put up Christmas decorations (although I wouldn't recommend this, I think I broke a toe doing that this year)
bring out the trash

Anyway, I learn more things all the time. Amazing how we adapt to our circumstances. Feel free to add to this list, I figure it can be helpful for some of the new moms and moms-to-be reading my blog (i.e. Beth, Sara).

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Stephanie said...

some things to add to your list: apply makeup, prepare and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and clean the house. yes, it is truly amazing how strong your left arm can become. however, it is important to switch arms periodically to balance out your muscles. isn't having a baby the best!