Wednesday, May 19, 2010

House of Blues

For my 30th (sob) birthday present, James presented me with tickets to go see Ben Folds at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. We went Friday night, and it was AWESOME! I loved it, thanks for the superb present, hubby. It's a pretty small venue and we stood just right above the pit, and I had the good fortune of standing behind a girl that was probably 4'11", yes! So there was no tippy toes or looking around people's heads or anything the WHOLE concert (a first!). I recall several years back going to a John Mayer concert (at the Greek, love that place) and seeing a clear view of the stage, that is, until a guy with a ginormous fro sat exactly right in front of me, blocking the entire stage. Such a bummer. Anyway, Ben was great, as usual, it's always a good show with him. The opening act was very entertaining as well: Kate Miller Heinke, she was pretty good, I definitely thought she brought an interesting flare to her performance.

And in case you wanted an extreme close up of James and I, here you go!

I have to say, there was one depressing part of the evening: in line to get into the show, a girl was coming around looking at id's. I forgot mine in the car and was about to say so, when she slapped an over 21 band on my wrist without even asking for my id!! Do I really look so old that I don't even need to be id'd? I guess so! I might add that she was checking everyones id before and after us, I was seriously bummed about that.
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Sara said...

I'm glad you had a fun night! I would gladly take your place having somebody think you are older than 21. Not long ago a guest singer at a young women's event asked me if I was a beehive, mia maid, or laurel. A beehive? Really?

James said...

Sara, that's just not right.

Liss, the girl in front of you was no more than 4' 6", if that. Regardless, you deserved the good fortune of standing behind her so you could fully enjoy the show. Although 'fro boy' will always live on in infamy.