Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dinner Out at the Pub

We were so excited to be able to meet up with our friends, the Ashton's, while in London. And if you haven't seen Shannon's blog, you need to go to Her photography is stunning. And so interesting. Shannon picked a great pub, the Engineer, it was probably my favorite place we ate at the whole time we were in England. Of course, we had to order the fish and chips with mushy peas. The peas, not my fave, but everything else was so good! And for dessert, another classic English dish (so I'm told): sticky toffy pudding. If you haven't tried it, you need to next time you have the chance. I can't stress enough how delicious it is. A truly memorable evening in beautiful Primrose Hill, I want to live there in my next life. Oh, and thank you Shannon for giving us the experience of driving through London. We were so often using the underground, it was great to see London above ground and see how everything connected.

I apologize for these very subpar pictures of myself, but I had to document the food

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Sara said...

The food looks good! I haven't had fish and chips in a long time.

shannon said...

What a fun night! We had a great time with you guys. Thanks for meeting up with us! Would love a copy of the pic if you could email it to me, too. You know the one taken by the lady in the film biz :)