Monday, February 01, 2010

More Snow Pictures

While we were in Utah, we went up to the Park City cabin and had a snowman building contest with all the cousins. James, as expected, was really into it and created this guy. The kids helped him out and put on the face and other accessories.


Julie girl, she's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Natalie and her get along so well, finally Natalie has someone that won't argue with her when she tells them exactly what she wants them to do.


Pretty girls: Whitney and Jane


Cousin Alex, finally not the only boy anymore!

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And the best part about playing in the snow...coming back inside to warm up!


Sara said...

That looks so fun! I love the snowman.

bethany said...

Your girls are getting so big!! I couldn't believe that was Annie! I'm sad we didn't see you guys while you were here :(
Also sad-we live in the snow, but still have not built a snowman. In fact, we just stay inside-I hate snow and I'm probably a bad influence on my poor kids.

James said...

Yes, I provided the infrastructure but the kids are definitely responsible for that face. As we said, that's a face only a snow mother could love.

Whitney said...

That is so not a good picture of me. Jane looks cute though. That was a fun day, but I wish I could be back in California now.

bethany said...

We're coming March 3-6. I was going to write you and Audra to see if you guys want to get together for lunch on the 6th-it's a Saturday. I wish we could stay longer, but Zak doesn't have a whole lot of time off :(