Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Suppers

I'm just wondering what you guys are making for dinner these days. It's so hot, I hate turning the oven or stove on, especially if I have to hover over it. Just looking to get some ideas on easy dinners that are family friendly. Sometimes it's nice to get suggestions that are tried and true instead of endlessly perusing my cookbooks and magazines.

Leave a comment...please!


bethany said...

You've probably seen this one a million times, but it is really great for the leftover chicken from one of those store bought Rotisserie chickens:
It's really good!
And we did this in the crockpot Sunday and it was really good too-http://www.recipezaar.com/Slow-cooked-BBQ-Ribs-for-crock-pot-16705

Katie said...

I usually get one of those rotisserie chickens from Costco (they're like $5) and make chicken tacos.

Or if it's exceptionally hot, the family usually gets to eat leftovers or sandwiches...!

Kelley said...

Grill, baby, grill. I make chicken or fish kebobs with veggies at least a few times a week.

Whitney said...

BBQ chicken salad from the Ivory Cook book.

Callie said...

we do tacos and hamburgers a lot! tacos are too easy with beef chicken or steak a can of beans and home made salsa is our favorite and it only takes as long as the meat. (the smaller you cut it the faster it grills!)