Friday, July 11, 2008

10 Things Done Over the 4th

1. James had fun building sand castles. (And Natalie too)

2. Watched this life guard tower topple over...twice. It was replaced the next morning.

3. Spent quality time with our girls, just relaxing.

4. Catan was played. Efforts were made by the Whites to become Lord(ess) of Catan, and we failed miserably. Darn it!

5. We attended the 4th of July Parade in Coronado, as you can see it was a big hit with Natalie.

6. Annie liked it!

7. Sand was eaten...and enjoyed thoroughly actually.

8. This view was enjoyed, every night.

9. Fireworks were watched (and a little tv, too).

10. A surrey ride with the L.'s. Yes, we did actually do this. And it WAS the highlight of the trip!


James said...

Gotta love the cheek in #9. A picture that is sure to be brought out for years to come. You'll thank us later, Natalie.

Shannon said...

So much fun! Glad you guys are back. The lifeguard tower is pretty funny.

Audra Bollard said...

Looks so fun. I love Coronado! My family goes there several times a year and we always say we're going to rent one of those bikes, but we've never done it. We've got to get on that.

Holly said...

i can't believe that you guys got a picture of the lifeguard tower!! that's classic and it really should be our logo for next year. dave, it's all up to you, so don't disappoint.

and thanks for such a fun time. sorry we beat you so bad at Catan, my sunburn finally healed, and we miss you guys.

another thought is that maybe we should just buy one of those bikes and ride it where ever we are on vacation each year. but i'm just one person...

Dave said...

We only made it into one thing out of ten!?

Come on!

What about our "When Oprah goes to Disneyland" jokes?

What about the over-privileged Coronado teenagers that tried to talk James and I into buying beer for them at Vons?

What about Holly calling our selection of non-Disney movies "Adult Films?"

What about our lengthy discussion on the proper etiquette of dunking a Perfectly Dunkable Oreo Fudgee™?

And finally...

What about your secret love, Melissa? What about your shameful, secret love?