Monday, July 30, 2007

Sizzlin' Summer Swap

I thought I'd try Beth's Sizzlin' Summer Swap and I got my package!! Thanks Cristina! It was really fun to put together her package and then get one for myself in the mail, I would definitely do it again...maybe not next week, but in a couple months or so.

Here's what I got:

S-Mike and Ike's and Sugar Babies, you can never go wrong with candy!
U-the cute beach bag, we've already used it!
M-a really great Summer mix cd, we've been dancing to it all weekend.
M-a candle and some samples of Philosophy products, I love trying the new products, and they smell so yummy!
E-a book and snacks to keep Nat busy, she loves them! of my favorite things to do!

Thanks again, Cristina, I loved everything!


Kelley said...

Sorry, I'm not getting it...You send random people stuff in the mail and then they send you stuff?

Cristina Mathers said...

so glad you liked the stuff. i accidentially deleted my pics of your package/ =( so i will have to put everything back together and take new pics. unfortuntaley, the mint milanos did not make it. they are all "missing." lol! love the way you packaged up my gifts, wish i would have thought of that! =)