Monday, May 14, 2007

Ode to Trader Joe's

I just got back from Trader Joe's and every time I go there I just love it! I don't know why I don't go there more often.

Number one-great food.
Number two-great prices.
Number three-healthy for my family.

Although I am aware that even Trader Joe's cookies aren't necessarily good for you. Well, it's a place where you can kind of discover hidden treasures. Like today I came across this chive and cilantro yogurt dip that was YUMMY! I don't even like cilantro that much, but it tasted awesome, really good with fish and vegetables, and I imagine on toast or something like that. I'm going to have to get creative! Anyway, I would love to hear your Trader Joe "finds", what has your family loved?


bethany said...

We have Trader Joe's here, but I've never been there. I guess I wasn't really sure what it was. Liss, you have now motivated me to shop there sometime!

Katie Brown said...

i like their roasted tomato soup

Annie said...

They have these chocolate mint cookies there that just thinking about them makes my mouth water. And these lemon ginger cookies that are yummy as well. Also, their spicy black bean dip is delish.

P.S. - This was definitely a post written by a pregnant woman!

Kelley said...

I also love the red pepper/tomato soup. The 3-minute microwave bag rice is great, love the chocolate-covered pretzels, the prices of the dairy products are phenomenal, the frozen Mintz blintzes are yummy with TJ's marionberry sauce on them, and the belgian chocolate pudding and rice pudding are excellent.

Holly said...

the goddess dressing on the bean medley (which comes in a can) mixed with tomatoes and black olives is YUM.
also, i LOVE the dark chocolate covered caramels.
i usually stock up on vitamins when i'm there too.
if utah would only get t.j.s, since ikea opens next week, i would be perfectly happy. oh, except i still really miss the beach.