Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We stayed with James' grandparents this weekend at their gorgeous beach condo on Coronado Island. Natalie had so much fun and loved her G.G. (great-grandma) and Papa.

We went to dinner on Friday night, here's the view of downtown San Diego we had from our table.

Natalie and G.G.

Natalie was fearless of the ocean, she just wanted to go in further and further. And it was really cold!

Resting on Mommy's shoulder after a fun day.


Holly said...

those pictures are getting me really excited for our trip in may! i miss the beach. and that natty girl has a very cute little body in her bathing suit!

Stephanie said...

oh the ocean! it is beautiful. and sure beats this brown desert of mine.

Annie said...

I like that shirt you're wearing in the last picture. Tell us about that shirt, Melissa.

Melissa said...

Well, Annie, it's actually a jacket and was purchased at the Brass Plum in Nordstrom. It is black and white stripes with a tiny silver stripe to dazzle it up a little. Thanks for the compliment!

Mitch said...

In all fairness, I must add that James's booty is rockin' his outfit too! :o*