Thursday, January 25, 2007

Park Days

Nat and I go to the park nearly every day, it's a good chance to get outside and play! Here are some of Nat's favorites:
The swing, of course!!
The spring a mathingy
Hanging on the bar over the slide, no, not going down the slide, hanging above it.


Anonymous said...

Braden is into the "hanging" thing too. I guess I'm just jealous because at this point I couldn't do a pull up if my life depended on it. Go Natalie!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that tummy in the 3rd picture. Wow, I can't believe how jealous I am that you are able to go to the park everyday in January! Nezzie also used to hang out at the top of the slide and not go down. They just don't know the fun they are missing!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Natalie is getting! She is so cute! Love, Natalie

Anonymous said...

Her facial expressions are so funny! You can totally see her mind working, thinking about what her next move will be. I haven't seen her in awhile (can't complain about the no-kids lunch, though.) She sure is cute!

Audra Bollard said...

Our days center around going to the park too. Everyone told me that with two little boys I would have to live at the park and I didn't believe them until these last few months--they HAVE to get their energy out everyday or else they drive me nuts at home. Natalie looks like such a big girl in these pictures!