Monday, March 20, 2006

I love to read

Here's my new reading chair, we went to IKEA and purchased this last weekend. It's in a corner of our bedroom by the window, my new favorite spot. I love to read! Currently I am reading "Bel Canto" by Ann Patchett for my book club, "Freddy and Fredericka" which is very funny, and "Letters From Home", a mystery (one of my favorite genres). I have mixed feelings about Bel Canto, have not yet got into Letters From Home, but really am quite amused by Freddy and Fredericka, so we'll see. I'm always looking for suggestions, so feel free to share some good books! Posted by Picasa


Stephanie said...

i love freddy and fredericka, too. it is very funny. i also love the dress natalie is wearing in that picture. so precious!

Holly said...

Natalie is so darling! Love the dress!
I just reread "Pride & Prejudice" after seeing the new movie, and I absolutely love that book and characters. I will definitely check out the books you have mentioned, I need to read something new!

Corey said...

Here's some book suggestions:
- The Warcraft Universe (there's like 7 or 8 books right there)
- A song of ice & fire series (Another 4 books, with 2 more to eventually come out)
- Stephen King's "Cell" (It's always believable that a high pitched noise will emenate from your cell phone and be able to kill you!)